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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Academic Advance provides a variety of flexible, high quality and professional training courses in the field of Clinical Research, Human Resource Management and Critical Skills.

See each of the sections below for our available courses:

Medical research involving human subjects is strictly controlled by the Medicines Control Council of South Africa and it is mandated that the study team be well versed with the International (ICH) and SA Good Clinical Practice guidelines. Each member of the team must be in possession of a valid, recognised GCP certificate.

Available Courses:

·  Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Basic Course  Brochure 

·  Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Refresher Course Brochure 

·  Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Basic Course for Support Staff Brochure 

·  Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Refresher Course for Support Staff Brochure 

·  ABC of Quality Control in Clinical Research Brochure 

·  Clinical Research Study Coordinator Course Brochure

·  Informed Consent Module Brochure

·  Reading a Protocol Module Brochure

·  Essential Documents Module Brochure


A sound knowledge of employment related legislation and practical tools for implementation of performance management in the workplace in essential for managers and supervisors.

Available Courses:

·  Managers Guide to Labour Law  Brochure

·  Effective Performance Management   Brochure

Obtaining funding for a research project is only the first step in a multifaceted process. There are a number of regulatory and fiduciary responsibilities that forms part of Grants Management, such as following all the terms and conditions associated with the grant, administrative reporting requirements, financial reporting requirements, ethical requirements, procedural requirements, legislative requirements, human resource requirements and sound financial management.

Available Courses:

No available courses currently. 

The website will be updated when these courses become available. 

Courses and topics can be customised to suit specific needs. Please email us for more information.

The ability to communicate effectively, build relationships, present information with confidence and clarity and effective time management are some of the essential skills required to function optimally in the workplace.

Available Courses:

·   Business Writing Brochure

·   Business Etiquette Brochure

·   Communication Skills Brochure

·   Conflict Management Brochure

·    Customer Services Brochure

·   Developing Effective Workplace Relationships Brochure

·   Emotional Intelligence for Teams Brochure

·   Emotional Intelligence  Brochure

·   Presentation Skills  Brochure

·   Self-Management Brochure

·   Time Management Brochure

 Courses and topics can be customised to suit specific needs. Please email us for more information.